The Farm


about the farm

Guests are invited to enjoy all that BoPlaas has to offer. It is a working sustainable farm with a rich heritage and spectacular natural landscape. We have introduced a holistic way of farming organic vegetables along with pasture-reared sheep. Catch and release fishing on the farm (Bass and Talapia) is on offer, however, please bring your own rods and tackle.

The Wellington town is centred on its award-winning wines, table grapes, fruit and fine brandy, it is also home to South Africa’s sole whisky producer. Hiking trails, bird and wildlife viewing, mountain biking, 4×4 routes, golf and abseiling are just some of the outdoor activities to be enjoyed in the mountainous terrain and scenic surrounds.

boplaas farm

Take a moment to acknowledge the beauty that is our farm. Sunny mornings, birds singing, fresh breakfast right from our farm and some fun with fishing to complete your stay. Boplaas gives you the best nature can offer.